Blog Post #1: Analyzing News Sites

One local news site is The Buffalo News. It mainly covers news is the Buffalo-

                               Sara Vogel The Buffalo News home page

Niagara region, but also includes national and occasional global news. The website has a modern approach where the news story headlines are on top of colorful pictures for each story. The top story is the first thing seen, and the only one with the headline above the picture. To the right of the top story is a “Know It Now” list of headlines. This is a list of easily accessible information which would catch the attention of citizens of the Buffalo area. The Buffalo News also provides quick information by use of Twitter and Facebook.



Art Voice is a local patch site in the Buffalo area. This news site covers information about local news while at the same time covering stories about art related topics such as “On the boards: What’s on stage at area theaters.” A new edit

Sara Vogel Art Voice home page

ion of Art Voice comes out once a week. This news site is different from The Buffalo News in its set up. There are tabs at the top of the page for navigating real estate, classifieds, events, blogs, and more. Art Voice is also accessible on Facebook and Twitter.



                           Sara Vogel Niagara Gazette “What’s Happening” stories and beginning of lists for the local news and sports sections



The Niagara Gazette covers information mainly from the Niagara Falls region. When first going on the site, an offer pops up offering “total access” to the site once becoming a subscriber. Without a subscription, a limited number of articles can be viewed for 30 days. Like Art Voice, there are tabs at the top of the page. These tabs can be used to navigate the news, classifieds, celebrations, and more. The current weather conditions are listed in the middle of the top of the page above these tabs. The right side of the site contains links to coupon deals and newspaper ads, which districts the reader from the important information. Below the featured stories is a “What’s Happening” box containing stories on current issues. Below this are lists of stories under the topics such as opinions, lifestyles, and police reports. Most of these can be found at the tabs at the top of the page. This site also moves without the reader scrolling. This site has a page on Twitter and two pages on Facebook, yet none are marked as being official.


CNN is a national news site that covers not only generic national news stories and from
around the world including sports, health, and entertainment, but also focuses on and has tabs for money and politics (unlike many other sites). This site has a large headline at the top of the page which when clicked directs the reader to the top story. The text of this story is under the video for it. There are also “Story highlights,” which are the

                                                                               Sara Vogel CNN home page, showing the top story headline

main points covered. The other stories on this site are organized by category, yet the page appears cluttered. There is also the option to share articles by e-mail and share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr directly from the site.





                                               Sara Vogel The Washington Post home page

The Washington Post is visually unappealing. The page is mostly black and white text. There are colorful images, but most are small until the reader scrolls down the page. The most important stories are at the top of the page with their headlines and one or two major points from each article. There are tabs at the top of the page above the title of the news site and underneath it. The tabs at the top direct to stories based on a topic and the tabs underneath direct the reader to specific stories, such as “Mosque fire.” On the main page, there are opinion stories, most read, additional top stories, etc. The Washington Post uses social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

                                                                                          Sara Vogel AP News home page


AP News is even more visually unappealing by not using any pictures or videos. There are mainly summaries of each news story with the headline above which the reader can click on to read the entire story. There is a section to the right with the latest news stories. There are tabs at the top of the page including one to read the Spanish news. AP also has AP Radio so those who are interested in listening to the news can. AP is also on Twitter and has multiple pages on Facebook. Their Facebook pages are designated for specific topics such as business.

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