Small coffee shop continues to make improvements

Map of the coffee belt across the world. / Sara Vogel

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CLARENCE, NY – Goodrich Coffee & Tea, otherwise just known as “Goodrich,” is a family owned coffee shop in Clarence, NY. Selling unique coffee, Goodrich is a commonly known name to Clarence and surrounding towns. Customers of all ages can be found sitting on couches or at tables talking with each other or doing work for an extended amount of time; or just stopping in or driving up for a quick order.
Their beans are processed down the street and even sold to surrounding coffee shops. About a year ago they started to sell k-cups, which are packaged by hand in store. They recently added a coffee bar, where customers can choose from a selection of whole bean coffee from around the world. These beans are sold by the bag, and there are new roasts each month. There are light roasts, medium roasts, and dark roasts all from different areas of the Coffee Belt. The Coffee Belt is spread among multiple continents and even more countries, mainly near the equator.

The coffee bar with lists of the types of beans and where they are from in the Coffee Belt. / Sara Vogel

Amanda, an out of town customer of Goodrich visits every time she’s in Clarence. Most of these times her mom comes along. They are both fans of the coffee bar and being able to purchase different coffee every month.

“My mom loves coffee and enjoys trying new roasts and blends,” she says. “This gives us the opportunity to try different coffees from around the world. We bought some whole beans to grind ourselves at home and I can’t wait to try them. I love their new coffee bar.”

Having regular customers daily, the employees of Goodrich kno

Menu featuring lunch and salads. / Sara Vogel

w many people’s orders as soon as they come in or drive up. Emily, a regular customer of Goodrich, expresses how much she loves the tea and sandwiches, which are also sold at Goodrich.


“I don’t really like coffee, but I love the tea and sandwiches,” she says. “Tea just makes me happy and I feel like I’m always getting mine from here. They already know my order. When I walk in, they’re just like ‘Irish Breakfast tea with milk and sugar?’ and I’m like ‘of course!”

As a modern business, Goodrich has adopted the idea of using social media to gain more customers and to satisfy their current customers even more. For a while they have tried to keep their social media accounts active, and were unsuccessful. Recently, a full-time employee has agreed to run the accounts, mainly FaceBook. Since then, this account has gained publicity, increasing the business Goodrich receives.

“We want to start doing even more and having more live videos and feeds of what we’re doing,” says Kelsey, a newly hired manager at Goodrich. “This is so people get to see everything, not just what they get when they walk in the door for a cup of coffee.”

Customers appear to be enjoying the ability to see what their favorite coffee shop is doing and to stay updated on information, such as when there’s new coffees of the month. This small coffee shop has begun selling new products while at the same time bringing people together.


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